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Model 14015A

The Illusionator Set


The Illusionator Set is used for the study of visual effect illusions. A unique assortment of visual illusion cards is included with the 14015A Illusionator. This optical illusion set allows for the demonstration of illusions of depth, angle, tilt, movement and color. The unit contains a low speed motor (0-8.5 RPM) for the trapezoid rotation illusion, and a high speed motor (0-2350 RPM) for the visual effects disks to create various illusions of:

The use of the Illusionator Set is excellent for any student demonstration or student laboratory.


Visual illusions represent one of the major focuses in basic psychology courses (sensation and perception). This field was the scope of many renowned psychologists and forefathers of modern psychological science, such as: Hermann Von Helmholtz, Wilhelm Wundt, Max Wertheimer, and Kurt Koffka, among many others. Students will learn about perception; color formation through retinal image and pattern-induced flicker colors (Fechner Colors), 3D illusion through shadows and movement of a single plane and apparent rotation invert through rotational frequency (Ames trapezoid), and other visual illusions using this simple-to-use device. The Illusionator Set has two independent RPM motors (Low and High RPM) to observe disks both at high revolutions and low revolutions. The Illusionator Set also includes classical illusion cards as Ponzo, Poggendorf, Müller Lyer and reversible figures, among others. Recommended both for Advanced High School Psychology courses and Basic Sensory and Perception courses at the university level.


Class students will sit comfortably in front of the equipment and while experimenter sets it up, they will take notes of the conceptual and theoretical parts explained by the experimenter. Once the equipment is set, students will record their class observations using the recording forms. They will also be presented with the cards for results recording. Experimenter can also provide to the subject the included rotary control for experimental parameter set-up and subject control.







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