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The Mobil-Aider is a portable measurement device designed to quantify joint translation. The device is designed to contour to five joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle) to provide quantitative information about joint mobility without deviating from standardized manual techniques. The device gives a digital readout in millimeters to provide both maximal (mode A) and real-time (mode B) quantification of the linear translation.

What does the Mobil-Aider score?

Mode A: Holds the maximal reading for several seconds before resetting to zero. This mode was designed to assess joint mobility.

Mode B: Provides real time readings at any point in time. This mode was designed to provide feedback during joint mobilization techniques, i.e. stay within concern ranges from given mobilization grade.

Has the Mobil-Aider been validated?

Yes, the device been compared to a "gold" standard, the Zeiss Zoom Microscope, for accuracy and reliability: ICC & Pearson correlation = 0.986; Cronbach alpha reliability = 0.992.

Data has been published in 2 peer-reviewed journals.

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