Lafayette Skinfold Caliper

Model 01128

Online Price: $ 100.00

A uniquely designed caliper, our Skinfold Caliper provides precise measurement at an affordable price. The 0-100 mm scale is what sets this instrument apart from other clinical calipers on the market that only have a 0-60 mm scale.

Baseline Skinfold Caliper

Model 12-1110

Price: $ 200.00

The Baseline Skinfold Caliper is used to measure the thickness of skinfolds. Measurements are taken at selected sites and the skinfold measurement totals are translated to the provided tables to obtain a percentage of body fat. Measurement arms have floating tips to assure accurate and reproducible results. The caliper comes in a protective carrying case.

Large Bone Caliper

Model 01293

Price: $ 250.00

The Large Bone Caliper is a sliding anthropometric caliper used to measure a straight-line distance between two landmarks. The Large Bone Caliper has a range of 0 to 60 cm in 0.1 cm increments (with an accuracy of 1 mm). Popular uses include measuring shoulder width, long bone length and chest depth for tracking growth, and development of children or for use in motion analysis studies. The sliding C-shaped arm to provide accurate and precise measurements.

Small Bone Caliper

Model 01294

Price: $ 200.00

The Small Bone Calipers are sliding anthropometric calipers used to measure a straight-line distance between two landmarks. Our Small Bone Caliper has a range of 0 to 30 cm in 0.1 cm increments (with an accuracy of 1 mm). Popular uses include measuring wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle widths, as well as measuring smaller muscle masses like the bicep and calf. The sliding C-shaped arm provides accurate and precise measurements.

Abdominal Caliper

Model 01296

Price: $ 350.00

The Lafayette Abdominal Caliper aids the measurement of sagittal abdominal diameter. Studies have shown that the measurement of sagittal abdominal diameter to be more useful than traditional waist circumference measurements. Sagittal abdominal diameter is highly correlated with the volume of visceral fat and a strong predictor of cardiovascular disease.

60 inch Anthropometric Tape

Model J00305

Price: $ 35.00

Provides precise circumferential measurement for progressive anthropometric exams, regardless of examiner measurement techniques. Contains spring attachment for constant tension and precision. Measures both inches and centimeters.

HALO Digital Goniometer

Model 01131

Price: $ 495.00

HALO, is the next Generation digital goniometer for Joint Measurement. It is both an Inclinometer and Goniometer. A single hand function allowing you to support your patients limb while you measure OR you can record your results with your free hand.

HALO Strap Kit

Model 01131S

Price: $ 60.00

The HALO Strap Kit allows for hands free operation. The HALO Goniometer conveniently fits into the protective rubberized shell and attaches to the varying lengths of Velcro straps. Protective rubber shell is included with Velcro strap lengths of 13.5", 22" and 31".

Lafayette Extendable Goniometer

Model 01135

Online Price: $ 70.00

The arms of an Extendable Goniometer can extend to 28 inches to measure large joints and retract to 8 inches to measure all but the smallest joints. Unlike standard goniometers that require the examiner to estimate alignment, the length of the extendable arms allows it to lie over anatomical bony landmarks.

Replacement Antennas for Extendable Goniometer

Model 01135-10

Price: $ 60.00

10 replacement antennas for the Model 01135 Extendable Goniometer.

Finger Circumference Gauge

Model F00575

Price: $ 30.00

Finger Circumference Gauge that measures in inches

Finger Circumference Gauge - cm

Model F00575CM

Price: $ 30.00

Finger Circumference Gauge that measures in centimeters (cm)

Flexible Tape Measure

Model F00570

Price: $ 40.00

Measure up to 60 inches with this flexible, retractable tape

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