IAFF Fitness Protocol

Lafayette Instrument Company is privileged to be a supplier of instrumentation for the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative. A great number of fire departments have implemented the IAFF Fitness Protocol as a means to protect the health and well being of your fellow fire fighters. To make it easy for your department to purchase the required instrumentation, we now supply all of the products necessary to meet the protocol requirements.

We are excited to continue to support this important program and welcome any of your inquiries about our products. For more information, please visit our exhibit booth at this year's FDIC and IAFC conferences.

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Sit and Reach Box

Model 121086

Baseline sit and reach trunk flexibility test. Scales printed in inches and centimeters.

Jackson Strength Evaluation System

Model 32728

Price: $ 6500.00

The system is designed to meet the needs of Jackson lift, torso and pull strength test protocols and the lift tasks of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

V-Grip Handlebar

Model 32628VB

Price: $ 80.00

Handlebar for use with Model 32628 and 32728 Jackson Strength Evaluation Systems.

Single Event Stopwatch

Model 00033A

Price: $ 50.00

This stopwatch is great for event timing. Its large digits and Left-Right button navigation are easily leveraged for quick viewing and precise control.

Lafayette Skinfold Caliper

Model 01128

Online Price: $ 95.00

A uniquely designed caliper, our Skinfold Caliper provides precise measurement at an affordable price. The 0-100 mm scale is what sets this instrument apart from other clinical calipers on the market that only have a 0-60 mm scale.

Battery Metronome

Model 15029

Price: $ 95.00

This battery-powered metronome has a tempo range of 40-208 beats per minute and puts out loud, rhythmic beats in conjunction with a flashing red LED. Includes: a standard pitch tuner (440Hz), and a 9-volt battery.

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