Kinvent Physio Sport Pack

Model MP.13.02.FN

Price: $ 10290.00

The Physio Sport Pack includes the entire range of Kinvent biofeedback devices in a single pack to offer you a complete toolkit to efficiently measure and build progress.

Kinvent Rehab Pack

Model MP.11.02.FN

Price: $ 8390.00

The Rehab Pack includes everything you need to help you build patient motivation and ensure engagement on the long run. The whole range of Kinvent biofeedback devices at your service in one Pack.

Kinvent Ultimate Rehab Pack

Model MP.11.03.FN

Price: $ 12190.00

The Ultimate Rehab Pack includes everything you need to help you build patient motivation and ensure engagement in the long run. The whole range of Kinvent biofeedback devices at your service in one Pack. Pack consists of Rehab Pack replacing K-Force Plates with K-Deltas.

Kinvent Essential Pack

Model MP.12.02.FN

Price: $ 4990.00

The Essential Pack is the smart and easy way to go from subjective to objective in your practice. Including the most versatile physiotherapy devices in the Kinvent range, this small toolkit will help you to put data in your patient’s rehab journey.

Kinvent Move and Jump Pack

Model MP.42.00.FN

Price: $ 7390.00

The Move and Jump pack combines force plates K-Deltas to K-Move, making biofeedback even more precise. This pack helps you build a force-velocity profile and then train your athlete accordingly.

Kinvent Pro Strength and Conditioning Pack

Model MP.41.01.FN

Price: $ 10390.00

The Pro Strength and Conditioning pack offers you all the physiotherapy tools to test your athletes. Not only does it monitor progress day after day, but these biofeedback devices can also be used in almost an infinite number of strength ratio, maximum power, and even mobility tests.

Kinvent K-Myo Duo Pack

Model MP.03.00FN

Price: $ 2790.00

Two pack of K-Myo EMG sensor with accessories.


Model MP.33.03.FN

Price: $ 6490.00

The next generation of force plate: K-Deltas measure and improve athletes' physical performance and help physiotherapist manage their return to sport.

K-Force Plates

Model MP.07.03.FN

Price: $ 2990.00

These portable force plates are the perfect solution for measuring static and dynamic balance in a wide range of movements (like stance and squats). With its resistance and its lightweight design, it is ideal for assessment and exercise in proprioception. You can easily use it in your office, as well as on the road.


Model MP.05.02.FN

Price: $ 1290.00

K-Push is a lightweight, versatile and connected hand-held dynamometer that’s designed to deliver quick strength assessments on the go. It allows you to assess the maximum and isometric strength of almost 40 muscle groups with its range of accessories.


Model MP.09.02.FN

Price: $ 1390.00

Robust and versatile, K-Pull is a traction dynamometer that’s designed to measure the isometric strength of powerful muscle groups, along with strength ratios, endurance or muscle symmetry from any angle with, its included accessory kit.


Model MP.08.03.FN

Price: $ 690.00

K-Move is a connected goniometer designed to take measurements of range of motion. Developed to objectify human movement, K-Move allows you to analyze the posture, support and amplitude of movement of your patients to better understand their global mobility. With its built-in inertial sensor, it is a perfect tool for monitoring the rehabilitation of a joint’s functional capacities. Accessories are included.


Model MP.06.04.FN

Price: $ 1290.00

An innovative pressure dynamometer. K-Bubble is the ideal tool to objectively measure patients' ability to exert pressure with any body part, as it transforms pressure variations in force measurements. It is ideal for tests on the adductors or the cervical rachis. All the K-Bubble accessories are included.


Model MP.04.02.FN

Price: $ 590.00

A hand-held dynamometer to measure and assess grip strength. A smart grip strength trainer, K-Grip is a must-have for neurological rehabilitation, tracking fatigue in high-performance athletes, fighting the aging process, and so much more. All the K-Grip accessories are included.


Model MP.10.02.FN

Price: $ 1390.00

The K-Myo is a non-invasive EMG sensor that helps shorten the rehabilitation process by chasing the weakened muscle groups, transcending muscle activation and tracking patient's improvement. The K-Myo is a portable physical therapy device that allows practitioners to collect and analyze data on muscle distribution rates, reconstruction, imbalance, power, and activation.

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