Clinical Psychology

Advantages of VTS Assessment

  • Option of choosing between visual, auditory or cross-modal presentation of stimuli. This means that modality-specific attention abilitiess can be separately assessed.
  • Option of presenting simple stimuli. The tests are therefore suitable for use with clients with impaired perceptual functions. An additional test is available for investigating perceptual ability for the relevant stimuli.
  • Separate assessment of automatic and controlled aspects of attention by an increase or decrease of the stimulus intensity.


CogniPlus offers increased efficiency in the training of cognitive abilities. This technically advanced software package is our response to the demand from therapists for a training system which takes account of modern psychological insights and which, by means of training programs that simulate real-life situations, helps clients to integrate their progress into everyday living. CogniPlus is a training battery which draws on the most up-to-date computer technology available to help you train cognitive functions using a multimedia approach.

Assessment and Rehabilitation

The content of CogniPlus is closely linked to the Vienna Test System. This means that assessment, treatment and followup efficacy analysis can be efficiently linked. Since the corresponding tests and training programs do not include the same tasks, a reliable distinction can be made between the material-specific learning effect and the targeted material-independent training effect.

Comparison of Schuhfried VTS and CogniPlus

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