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HHD Guide for Daily Clinical Practice

Model 01165T

Online Price: $ 125.00

Providing clinicians with everything needed to practice dynamometry; the fundamental resource for any clinician applying evidence-based practices.

Hand-Held Dynamometer Support Stand

Model 01166

The Hand-Held Dynamometer Support Stand allows you to fixture the dynamometer to objectively measure the isometric force exerted by the patient. Stabilizing the dynamometer improves the intratester and intertester reliability and also has been shown to produce greater maximum effort from the patient.

Lafayette Timing Gate System

Model 63502IR

The Lafayette Timing Gate System generates an infrared beam that is reflected back using the supplied retroreflective target.

Abdominal Caliper

Model 01296

Price: $ 400.00

The Lafayette Abdominal Caliper aids the measurement of sagittal abdominal diameter. Studies have shown that the measurement of sagittal abdominal diameter to be more useful than traditional waist circumference measurements. Sagittal abdominal diameter is highly correlated with the volume of visceral fat and a strong predictor of cardiovascular disease.

Lafayette Professional Grip Dynamometer

Model 5030L1

Online Price: $ 360.00

Designed for both routine screening and for evaluation of hand trauma or diseased hands. Lafayette's next generation hand dynamometer features accuracy within 1%.

Jackson Strength Evaluation System

Model 32728

Price: $ 6500.00

The system is designed to meet the needs of Jackson lift, torso and pull strength test protocols and the lift tasks of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Universal Timer and Software

Model 35930

Designed to assist researchers with the task of recording subject information and measurements, the USB Timer and Software allow users to setup crucial timing/counting experiments and record results straight to the computer.

HHD/MMT Download Tool

Model 01165SW

Price: $ 500.00

Software that allows easy download of the stored values from the Model 01165 Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer (formerly Manual Muscle Testing System) to your computer via a Bluetooth connection. The software is capable of displaying peak force, average force, time to peak, test date and time and force over-time data.

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