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Product Specials

Grooved Pegboard Replacement Pins

Model 32104

Special Price: $50.00

This is a complete set of replacement pins for the 32025 Grooved Pegboard.

Lafayette Extendable Goniometer

Model 01135

Special Price: $75.00

The arms of an Extendable Goniometer can extend to 28 inches to measure large joints and retract to 8 inches to measure all but the smallest joints. Unlike standard goniometers that require the examiner to estimate alignment, the length of the extendable arms allows it to lie over anatomical bony landmarks.

Lafayette Skinfold Caliper

Model 01128

Special Price: $110.00

A uniquely designed caliper, our Skinfold Caliper provides precise measurement at an affordable price. The 0-100 mm scale is what sets this instrument apart from other clinical calipers on the market that only have a 0-60 mm scale.

HHD Guide for Daily Clinical Practice

Model 01165T

Special Price: $135.00

Providing clinicians with everything needed to practice dynamometry; the fundamental resource for any clinician applying evidence-based practices.

Grooved Pegboard™

Model 32025

Special Price: $125.00

The Grooved Pegboard Test is a manipulative dexterity test consisting of 25 holes with randomly positioned slots. Pegs with a key along one side must be rotated to match the hole before they can be inserted, requiring more complex visual-motor coordination than most pegboard tests.

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