Flicker Fusion System

Model 12022

Price: $ 3500.00

The Flicker Fusion System provides the user with a variety of versatile controls to perform accurate and timely measurements of Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF).

Depth Perception Apparatus

Model 14012A

Price: $ 9500.00

The Depth Perception Apparatus tests depth perception acuity.

Light Discrimination Apparatus

Model 14011A

Price: $ 8500.00

The Light Discrimination Apparatus illustrates the various psychophysical methods (limits, average error, constant stimuli, etc.) used in visual discrimination.

Linear Movement Apparatus

Model 31202A

Price: $ 9500.00

The Linear Movement Apparatus can be used for motor learning tasks and assessments of temporal or spatial memory. This device has been used in the studies of motor learning, neuroscience, and motor skill evaluation.

Singerman Color Mixer

Model 13015A

Price: $ 8500.00

The Singerman Color Mixer is used to demonstrate light mixing. Three independent 1.6 Million Color RGB LEDs are included to allow illustrations of primary colors, false primaries, contrast effects, complementary colors, and shadows.

Color Mixer

Model 13010A

Price: $ 7500.00

The Color Mixer is used to demonstrate how the eye combines color surfaces. This basic Color Mixer was designed specifically for the classroom.

The Illusionator Set

Model 14015A

Price: $ 8500.00

The Illusionator Set is used for the study of visual effect illusions.


Model 16014

Price: $ 850.00

This standardized motor learning tool measures arm movement and is well suited for active movement, passive movement, or for comparing the two. An adjustable finger guide and elbow saddle increases subject comfort while keeping subject's arm in position. Units of measure are given as a degree of displacement along a 90° scale.

Discrimination Weights

Model 16015

Price: $ 650.00

This test can be used with a fingertip grip to measure perception of pressure sensitivity. The discrimination weights consist of two series of 12 weights. The light series weighs from 75 to 125 grams; the heavy series weighs from 175 to 225 grams. They are unbreakable and identical in color, size and texture.

Portable Audiometer

Model 15015

Price: $ 3850.00

A Portable Audiometer that performs quick, accurate pure tone threshold testing.

Portable Audiometer with 220VAC/50Hz Power Supply

Model 15015*C

Price: $ 4000.00

A Portable Audiometer that performs quick, accurate pure tone threshold testing.

Head-Chin Rest

Model 14302

Price: $ 550.00

For positioning head in studies using right and left fields of vision. Features a chin rest and a stop for the forehead. Clamps easily to a table.

Color Blindness Test

Model 14017

Price: $ 250.00

Fourteen different plates, each with numbers embedded in a field of multicolored dots.

Pinwheel Aesthesiometer

Model F8062

Price: $ 25.00

Measures cutaneous sensory awareness and evaluates perception of pain.

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