Reaction Timing

Bassin Anticipation Timer

Model 35575

Price: $ 9500.00

The subject is instructed to watch a light as it travels down the runway. They must anticipate the light reaching the target and press a pushbutton, or perform some other action, to coincide with the arrival of the light at the target.

Modified Bassin Anticipation Timer

Model 35580

Price: $ 12000.00

When mounted on a series of tripods and connected to a photocell, the Model 35575 Bassin Anticipation Timer is modified for a more complex task.

Push Button Remote with RCA connector

Model 52502SW

Price: $ 120.00

Push Button Remote for use with the Bassin Anticipation Timer - Model 35575 as well as the Sportimer - Model 52502.

MOART Reaction and Movement Time Panel with Psymcon Control

Model 35600

Price: $ 7500.00

With the Multi-Operational Apparatus for Reaction Time (MOART) you can employ simple reaction time tasks such as Go / No Go tasks for the study of higher centers of the brain, and more complex discriminate reaction time tasks to study cognitive processing. The system may also be used to study executive functioning through the use of an interference tapping task. While subjects are required to attend to a reaction time task they must execute a simultaneous tapping task.

PsymLab Psychomotor Control Software

Model 35800A

PsymLab provides researchers with a powerful tool for organizing subject information, designing/building customized experiments, and generating unique data reports.

Foot Switch for MOART

Model 35603

Price: $ 220.00

This auxiliary Foot Switch can be used with the MOART System, Model 35600 for added versatility.

Card Sorting Box

Model 20011A

Price: $ 12000.00

The Card Sorting Box is a test designed to measure total execution time, reaction and movement time, and attention span.

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