Special Abilities Test Software

Cognitrone - COG - 1 Year License

Model 64040

Assessment of attention and concentration through the comparison of figures concerning their congruence; depending on the test form. Presentation is possible from 4 years of age.

Signal-Detection - SIGNAL - 1 Year License

Model 64042

Assessment of long-term selective attention, that is, the visual differentiation of a relevant signal within irrelevant signals; application for people aged 7 years and over.

Vigilance - VIGIL - 1 Year License

Model 64043

Assessment of attention under continuous stress in the form of sustained vigilance in a situation with few stimuli. Applicable for people aged 6 years and over.

Vienna Determination Test - DT - 1 Year License

Model 64044

Measurement of reactive stress tolerance, attention deficits and reaction speed in the presence of rapidly changing and continuous optical and acoustic stimuli.

Vienna Reaction Test - RT - 1 Year License

Model 64045

Apart from recording reaction times down to the milli-second, it also covers the areas of alertness, the ability to repress an inadequate reaction (an area relevant in attention diagnostics), vigilance and intermodal comparisons (directed attention) in special forms. It can already be used with children starting from the age of 6.

Corsi-Block Tapping Test - CORSI - 1 Year License

Model 64047

Assessment of the capacity of the visual short-term memory and of the implicit visual-spatial learning. Applicable to people aged 6 years and over.

Visual Pursuit Test - LVT - 1 Year License

Model 64049

Diagnostics of the selective attention in the visual area; to be used with adults.

Mechanical-Technical Ability Test - MTA - 7 Year License

Model 64050

Assesses the mechanical-technical understanding using animated items (instruments, to which a construction plan must be assigned); to be used with adolescents and adults.

Motor Performance Series - MLS - 1 Year License

Model 64051

Measurement of fine motor abilities through static and dynamic tasks for finger, hand and arm movement, to be used from seven years of age onwards.

Sensomotor Coordination - SMK - 1 Year License

Model 64055

Assesses the coordination of eye-hand, hand-hand, or eyehand-foot by maneuvering a circular segment that moves on its own about a 3-dimensional room.

Time-Movement Anticipation - ZBA - 1 Year License

Model 64058

Estimate of speed and movement of objects in space.

Two-Hand Coordination - 2HAND

Model 64059

Examination of visual-motor coordination (eye-hand and hand-hand coordination), by moving a dot on a track, through the coordination of both hands.

Interference Test According to Stroop - STROOP - 1 Year License

Model 64071

Registration of the color-word interference tendency, i.e. impairment of the reading speed or color recognition due to interfering information; applicable to adults.

Simultaneous Capacity / Multi-Tasking - SIMKAP - 1 Year License

Model 64076

Intended for personnel selection, career counseling, diagnosis and assessment. Additional areas of use are traffic psychology (especially railway and aviation psychology), military psychology as well as within clinical settings.

Differential and Attention Test - DAKT - 1 Year License

Model 64095

Primarily intended for personnel selection, career counseling, diagnosis and assessment. Additional areas of use are traffic psychology (especially railway and aviation psychology), military psychology, as well as within clinical settings.

Perception and Attention Functions: Alertness - WAFA - 1 Year License

Model 64119

Assessment of sub-functions of attention, suitable for subjects from the age of 8.

Perception and Attention Functions: Vigilance - WAFV - 1 Year License

Model 64123

Assessment of sub-functions of attention. Suitable for subjects from the age of 8

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