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Model 20011A

Card Sorting Box


The Card Sorting Box is a test designed to measure total execution time, reaction and movement time, and attention span. Additionally the equipment can measure sustained attention and concentration through continuous performance task, attentional interference tasks and verbal working memory tasks. The test requires a complex set of skills, such as visual-motor coordination, attention and performance in following of instructions.


The Card Sorting Box has been used to follow motor learning progress which requires rapid recognition and hand-eye coordination. The device can be used to evaluate attention (single stimulus), divided attention (multiple stimulus), continuous attention (continuous performance test), attentional interference test (word-number-color interference) and working memory test (as a measure of short term - attentional performance). Computer software for task control will be available at the end of 2013.


To perform this task the subject will take the top card from the deck, before seeing its number and color, and place it on the base of the machine where the reader is located. A green light will indicate the OK for the card placement task to be started or continued. Subject then raises the card, turning it over to view the visual cue (number, word, or color) and then inserting it into the corresponding slot. The system will count correct and incorrect responses.







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