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Model 13010A

Color Mixer


The Color Mixer is used to demonstrate how the eye combines color surfaces. This basic Color Mixer was designed specifically for the classroom. The color wheel spins the included paper color disks at speeds varying from 0 to 2350 RPM. The 5-inch wheel is marked with degrees so that varied proportions of color can be spun for different effects. The drive motor operates smoothly and quietly. The replacement color disk set, model 13111A, includes 19 precut 114 mm colored paper disks.


Colors are formed in two different ways, either by reflection (subtractive colors) using chromatic dye mixes or by white light diffraction (additive colors), using filters or prisms. This system demonstrates the subtractive color formation using calibrated color disks. Disks are placed in a rotary disk plate for accurate RPM and color disk percentage selection. The system provides a way to accurately make chromatic mixes and rotate them at different RPMs to observe color changing, effects of mixing different disks arrays and the introduction of different variables to observe their effect in color perception. Rotational speed can be easily changed using the smooth action rotary encoder. Experimenter may choose to provide control to subjects or to set the system at a desired speed. Computer control of rotational speed is also possible via the software that will be released by last part of 2013. Start, Stop and Speed functions can also be set using stimulus software, as E-Prime from PST and Observer from Noldus, among others for experiment synchronization.


Experimenter or subject can set different color disks arrays and measure their relative percentage. Subject will then place the disk array into the disk plate and secure it using a thumb screw. The microprocessor-controlled motor will then be set using the LCD control or the smooth action rotary encoder. Subjective perception on color mix (disk array percentages) and RPM can be recorded in the provided recording form.







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