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Model 12022

Flicker Fusion System


The Lafayette Instrument Flicker Fusion system provides the user with a variety of versatile controls to perform accurate and timely measurements of CFF. Digital circuitry is used to provide extremely accurate frequency generation from 1.0 Hz to 100.0 Hz in 0.1 Hz steps. Unlike previous systems, this generation uses a Bluetooth® connection for maximum convenience. The tablet allows for exact and repeatable frequency settings, and a means for test result scoring and storage.

The test options include five modes of operation to cover virtually any test requirement:

The viewing chamber has two lights, one for the left eye and one for the right eye. The light compartments are completely separated, allowing for four stimulus combinations to occur:

The viewing chamber is constructed to mitigate extraneous factors, which might distort CFF values. The white lamps produce even illumination over a 1 inch square LED. The stimuli are separated by 2 3/4 inches center to center with a stimulus to eye distance of 15 inches and a viewing angle of 1.9 degrees.






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