Automatic Tally Maze

Model 20017

Price: $ 750.00


The automatic tally maze attaches to an impulse counter and / or stop clock (not included) to record errors and time required for completion. While wearing a blindfold, subject traces along the anodized pattern with a metal stylus. Reduction in number of errors for successive trials is a useful demonstration of learning and memory. Blindfold not included.



Product Manuals



Required Accessories

Economy Clock / Counter
Economy Clock / Counter
Model 54060A

The economy clock / counter is a timing device that is capable of accurately recording times down to the millisecond. All switch contacts can be configured for Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts, adding versatility to the device.

Optional Accessories

Pack of 4 Blindfold Masks
Pack of 4 Blindfold Masks
Model 33010

This washable blindfold is made of soft fabric with a satin surface and a sponge base. Nose pad fits comfortably and eliminates more visual feedback than a standard blindfold.

Patch Cord Set
Patch Cord Set
Model 58085

Set of two (1 Red and 1 Black) 10-foot patch cords for our timing and counting systems.

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