Mirror Tracer

Model 31010

Price: $ 400.00


This mirror tracer requires subject to reverse visual cues and trace a mirrored star pattern onto paper. Both this unit and the automated mirror tracer have a shield to hide subject's hand from view while tracing. Mirror and shield fold down for easy storage.



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Optional Accessories

Single Event Stopwatch
Single Event Stopwatch
Model 00033A

This stopwatch is great for event timing. Its large digits and Left-Right button navigation are easily leveraged for quick viewing and precise control.

Replacement Tracing Stars
Replacement Tracing Stars
Model 31110

Package of 100 Replacement Tracing Stars for Mirror Tracer, Model 31010.

Related Products

Two-Arm Coordination Test
Two-Arm Coordination Test
Model 32532

This is a test of motor coordination and learning which requires both arms to work together. The subject's task is to move the metal pointer around the anodized star pattern without leaving the pattern.

Auto Scoring Mirror Tracer
Auto Scoring Mirror Tracer
Model 58024E

This tracing device involves reversal ability, hand-eye coordination and learning. Subject is required to trace the star pattern while watching only its mirror image. This automated unit comes with an impulse counter which counts every time the metal-tipped stylus leaves the anodized star pattern.

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