PsymCon Control for Psychomotor Devices

Model 35500

Price: $ 1500.00


This key panel has a digital display and is used with our various Psychomotor devices such as the Model 35600 MOART Reaction Time / Movement Time Panel, Models 35575 and Model 35580 Bassin Anticipation Timers and Model 16030 Stability Platform. This panel includes a 10 foot 25-pin connecting cable.


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Stability Platform with Digital Control
Stability Platform with Digital Control
Model 16030

The Stability Platform measures balancing ability, which is essential to successfully performing many activities.

Bassin Anticipation Timer
Bassin Anticipation Timer
Model 35575

The subject is instructed to watch a light as it travels down the runway. They must anticipate the light reaching the target and press a pushbutton, or perform some other action, to coincide with the arrival of the light at the target.

Modified Bassin Anticipation Timer
Modified Bassin Anticipation Timer
Model 35580

When mounted on a series of tripods and connected to a photocell, the Model 35575 Bassin Anticipation Timer is modified for a more complex task.

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