Purdue Pegboard Scoring App

Model 32020-SA


This scoring application is intended for use with the Lafayette Instrument Company Purdue Pegboard Test (Models 32020 and 32020A); It assists administrators in all areas of the testing process by standardizing administration through easily set up test batteries with optionally read instructions, creating organizational norms, and keeping track of individualized data.


How can this app help me?

  • Optionally read instructions: The app reads the instructions to the subject to prevent mistakes or inflection-induced errors
  • Set up testing battery in advance of test
  • Graphs and Percentile Analysis: History graphs and various population percentiles are available
  • Convenient subject and record retention: The app saves all records with the user that took the test
  • Simple procedures to print and export data

Visit Google Play or the iOS App Store today to download the free 12 test trial. In-app purchases are required for extended usage.

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Required Accessories

Purdue Pegboard™
Purdue Pegboard™
Model 32020A

The Purdue Pegboard Test has been used extensively to aid in the selection of employees for jobs that require fine and gross motor dexterity and coordination by measuring gross movements of hands, fingers and arms, and fingertip dexterity as necessary in assembly tasks.

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