ROMI Dual Inclinometer System

Model ACU100-DUAL

Price: $ 1400.00


Pair of Lafayette Range of Motion Inclinometers designed for quick wireless connection when taking dual inclinometer measurements. The Lafayette Range of Motion Inclinometer is capable of taking measurements in three different planes. It can record maximal range of motion movements in flexion/extension, rotation, or front to back. An easy-to-read LCD screen displays the real-time angle along with up to six previously recorded measurements.


Meet the ROMI

The Lafayette Range of Motion Inclinometer is the next generation in wireless inclinometry.

Diagram of ROMI


Measure in 3-axis

Take Measurements in 3 Axis

LCD Screen displays real-time angle with a measurement range of 0-360 degrees.

Measure in 3-axis

Wireless Connection for Dual Inclinometer Measurements

Make a simple and quick wireless connection between inclinometers to do dual inclinometer measurements

Additional Features

  • Designed for high inter and intra-instrument reproducibility
  • Built-in data storage and browsing for up to 250 tests
  • Available tone indicator for start and stop
  • Interactive menus allow simple selection of device options
  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Strap kit for hands-free operation


  • Size: 4.61" x 3.27" x 0.97" (11.7cm x 8.3cm x 2.46cm)
  • Weight: 121.4 g per unit
  • Accuracy
    • ± 1 % over full range in vertical axis
    • ± 2 % over full range in horizontal axis
  • Resolution: 0.1 degrees
  • 50 ms sample rate
  • Battery Life: 10 hours

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