Universal Timer and Software

Model 35930


Designed to assist researchers with the task of recording subject information and measurements, the USB Timer and Software allow users to setup crucial timing/counting experiments and record results straight to the computer.


A great choice for quick and easy setup for tasks such as the Margaria-Kalamen power test or a shuttle run. Each timer unit can accommodate four switch inputs and multiple units can be connected to one PC. The software provides a database to store subject information and corresponding results. Easy reporting tools present or export the data in any format for further analysis.


  • Millisecond timing resolution
  • Used with switch mats, IR gates, push buttons, and more
  • Four inputs per unit
  • Multiple units can be connected to a single PC
  • Create your own timing experiments
  • Single and Multiple subject testing modes
  • Simple USB to PC interface
  • Easily view subject or group results in custom reports

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