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How do I change the battery in the Manual Muscle Tester (Model 01163)?

Question Last Updated on: 9/27/2013

The battery of the MMT is accessed through a removable door in the face of the device. The door is secured by a single screw near the center of the face.


  1. Remove the battery door screw and lift the door.
  2. Exchange the battery with a compatible replacement, making sure to note the battery polarity imprinted on the battery holder.
  3. Make sure the battery is secure in the holder and replace the battery door and the battery door screw.

CAUTION: The MMT requires a 2/3A size lithium 3.0 volt battery. Never substitute a battery of a different size or voltage.


This is a partial list of replacement batteries. Make sure the replacement battery used is compatible with one of the listed batteries.

  • Duracell DL123A
  • CR123A
  • EL123A
  • DL2/3A
  • 123Photo
  • CR17345
  • DL123ABU
  • Panasonic CR123A
  • Kodak K123L

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