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Question Last Updated on: 7/5/2023

How do I use the download system?

  1. Select desired software from the Software Updates page or a relevant product page.
    • Note: Certain software requires a product serial number to download. Product serial numbers are found affixed to products.
  2. Enter contact information in provided form.
    • Note: Users can optionally create a Lafayette Instrument online account via this form. You do not need to create or have a Lafayette Instrument account to use the download system. If you already have a Lafayette Instrument account, visit the Account Login page to login!
  3. Software download will automatically begin after submitting form. If download does not begin, click Download Now button.


I cannot find the file I just downloaded.

By default, browsers save downloaded files to preset directories or folders. Windows users will usually find downloads in the Downloads directory, or will be prompted as to where to save the download. Download locations may be specified in the Preferences section of your browser. If you are not sure what directory or folder your downloads are being saved in, open up the preferences window in your browser and check the location.


How do I decompress my file after I have downloaded it?

Below are instructions for decompressing files on Windows.

  • Right Click the zip file and select the "Extract All" option from the menu.
  • Select a destination for the extracted files and click the Extract button.
  • Your files are now decompressed and available in the folder you specified.


I had difficulty or delays when downloading a file.

Sometimes after clicking on the link to download the file, the download process will appear to start and stop sporadically or even quit unexpectedly. This is usually caused by an interruption in the flow of data between our server and your web browser. This may be caused by heavy internet traffic or a large number of users attempting to access our server at the same time. If you suspect that the file did not download correctly or if you got an error message during the download, try it again.


Can my Anti-Virus or Security Programs effect downloads?

The anti-virus software installed on your PC could prohibit the download and installation of our software.

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