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We have the Vienna Test System version 6.31.024 and we would like to use it to score paper and pencil tests, but it appears that the feature is disabled. How do I enable it?

Which test do you want to score? Remember only those tests which you have a license for and that are of the questionnaire type can be scored by this method.


This is how the scoring of paper-and-pencil-tests is done with the Vienna Test System:

  1. Click the button Scoring of paper-and-pencil-tests of the index card Scoring, or open Extras Scoring of paper-and-pencil-tests in the menu bar of the Vienna Test System.
  2. Click the dropdown Answer sheet list to the left and select an answer sheet.
     Note: Above the horizontal separator line, the last 10 used answer sheets are displayed. Below this line you can find all answer sheets in alphabetical order.
  3. In order to insert the marked answers from the answer sheet via the keyboard, click the button 'Keyboard' or press Ctrl + N.  In order to scan the answer sheet, click 'Scanner' or press Ctrl + S. Please note, that the scanner option is available only if the selected answer sheet supports a data transfer via scanner, and a suitable scanner has been connected to the computer (unfortunately, many answer sheets are not suitable for scanning).
  4. Enter the client data click OK. In order to find the client of the last answer sheet again, click the button Last client.
  5. When using the keyboard: Insert now the marked answers of the answer sheet for every item. Take into account the notes for the answer code at the upper end of the data entry window. You need to proceed as follows: omitted items have to be coded with "-". Thus, press the "-" key or the space bar.
  6. When using a scanner: Wait until the scanning procedure is finished and "TEST RECORD HAS BEEN SAVED" is displayed at the bottom of the window.

    It may happen that a client did not fill in the answer sheet correctly (e.g. the client marked the answer outside of the designated answer boxes, selected more than one answer or did not press his pencil enough). If the analysis program finds items where the answers are missing or have not been marked clearly, keyboard mode will be called up automatically (see point 5). In this case all doubtful answers will be depicted in red characters. In order to close the answer sheet, you will have to correct the answers of the respective items and then click 'Save'.

    Tip: Use the F5 or F6 key to jump to the previous or next item in question.
  7. Repeat steps 2....6 or 3....6 with all answer sheets you want to score.
  8. Click 'Test results' to open the Test record list in the Test System where you can display the test results on the screen or print them.

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