Replacement Stylus for Steadiness Testers

Model 32100

Price: $ 120.00


This Replacement Stylus is for use with the Model 32010 Groove Type Steadiness Tester and the Model 32011 Hole Type Steadiness Tester.



Required Accessories

Groove Type Steadiness Tester
Groove Type Steadiness Tester
Model 32010

This device tests dynamic steadiness. The subject is required to move a metal-tipped stylus along a narrowing channel without touching the sides. The channel width can be adjusted for varying difficulty. Centimeter markings along the edge allow measurement of a subject's performance.

Hole Type Steadiness Tester
Hole Type Steadiness Tester
Model 32011

The subject's task is to hold a metal-tipped stylus in 9 progressively smaller hole sizes without touching the sides. The effects of: steadiness of handedness, exercise, smoking, alcohol ingestion, and other factors can be observed. Performance curves can be analyzed for practice effects and fatigue.

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